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Last year PREP took on Rebecca Black’s “Friday”, this year it’s about Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” ;)

Bruin Life Weekend presented by the Pilipino Recruitment and Enrichment Program, took place from April 12-15, bringing newly admitted UCLA students to UCLA. With our coordinators Joy Diwa & Noel Ople, this program seeks to show students everything that UCLA has to offer and answer their questions about the university, programs, services and organization through a true Bruin experience!

This is the closing video shown at the end of the program, met with much praise and applause during their goodbyes. Special thanks to Joy Diwa, Lowell Mansilla, Ryan Piniones, Justine Anne Lapid Pascual, Kevin Belisario, Michael Tandoc Jr., Conrad Contreras, Justine Angeles, Arielle Galeon, Deniza Alarcon Sabio, Hesed Cabornida, Alexis Ordoña, Nicole Pablo, Joshua Imperial, Krizelle Cuevas, and Derek Estrella. If you’re a Bruin and you like what you see, including our values of higher education, join PREP; visit our website here for more info and videos:
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    Me @ 0:21, 0:28, 0:35, 0:37, 0:53, 1:44. 2:00, 2:03, 3:48, 3:56, 4:16—4:39, 6:44, 7:00, and 7:40!
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    BLW is so LEGIT.
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    Can’t believe these are going to be the students entering as I’m leaving T__T
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    I’m now ready to BRUIN my life (: ! Thank PREP for the bomb weekend! UCLAforevaaaaa.
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    yeah, didn’t know i could rap.. didja? hahaha. sike. love my new set of babies!
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    Great job with the video Aaron!
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    so cute! I loved it(:
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